Costco vs a Hearing Instrument Specialist – Hearing Aid Quality and Service Comparison

The cut and dried answer is yes because you get a higher quality of care and products when you opt for a professional hearing instrument specialist. However, more and more people looking for the convenience of the big box stores are heading to Costco and Walmart for their hearing aid needs and evaluations. While jumping into the patient services sector seems like an added convenience to customers, it’s actually harmful to their hearing health. Employees at these stores aren’t as experienced and trained as a hearing instrument specialist is in the thorough evaluation and treatment of hearing impairments. Let’s take a look at why it’s best to go to a doctor in a clinical setting rather than hit a big box store.

Cost Efficiency

The low prices of ear care departments in big box stores are difficult to ignore. They may seem low, but that’s how they get you in the door. Once there, employees are trained to sell you on other products and accessories that don’t necessarily meet your needs. Plus, the cost of hearing devices is low for a reason because they’re manufactured with sub-part products. You may protest the initial cost investment of seeing a hearing instrument specialist for treatment and hearing device fitting but the truth is, you’re getting much higher quality for your money. Plus, your healthcare insurance will pay for a lot of the cost, so you may even come out on top. You just can’t slap a price tag on personalized attention from a hearing instrument specialist.

Quality Products

Just by wandering into the ear care department of big box stores, you’re already setting yourself up for lower quality services and products. You don’t get the same excellent hearing products on the market like you would at a hearing instrument specialist. This professional is at the top of his game in terms of emerging products that could be best for you. You don’t want to get a hearing device fitting at a big box store only to come away with a product that is deficient, such as with too much interference or low-quality sound. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule but it’s likely you’re not getting the best quality products through these types of stores. When visiting a trained hearing instrument specialist, you know this professional can make necessary adjustments so you can optimize your hearing abilities to the fullest.


If you’d like a higher rate of professionalism, seek out a hearing instrument specialist trained in complete auditory health. Your doctor has a specialty, and that is the ear. As such, you’re paying for a doctor to bring his many years of education and experience to the table so you can enjoy comprehensive health care. You don’t get in-depth hands-on knowledge of the inner workings of the ear plus unique evaluations from a worker behind the desk at a big box store. There, you’ll get a sales person trained to sell you things you may not need.

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