Foods that can Prevent Hearing Loss – and Hearing Aids

With age comes a decline in age – this is no secret. We know eating a variety of healthy foods are good for our bodies, but what may not even be on our radar is the effect certain foods have on our hearing health. Our body systems are all interconnected, so by giving your body the foods it needs, you can actually help to prevent hearing loss. Many people suffer from hearing damage as they get older, but there are some things that can prevent this from happening in whole or in part. Sure, you may know enough not to expose yourself to loud noises in an effort to protect your ears but let’s discuss how important it is to eat right when it comes to your ears. This is backed by many bodies of research that show the foods you choose to eat have a direct impact on your levels of hearing loss.

Beneficial Broccoli

This super veggie boosts your hearing health because it’s brimming with vitamin and minerals that stave off the damage to ear tissue brought on by free radicals. Preventing hearing loss doesn’t have to be difficult when you regularly eat all kinds of veggies, especially broccoli. There’s a bonus to this, too, because your skin and hair will glow with radiance.

Citrus Snacks

Citrus has healing properties that can stave off the common cold. However, those same cold-fighting abilities also keep harmful ear infections at the wayside. Thanks to all the vitamin C and E packed into oranges and lemons, you can use that to your advantage in regards to fighting off infection. Don’t ever leave an ear infection untreated, as this can lead to chronic hearing loss that you can never recover from.

Fish like Salmon

Ever hear of omega-3 fatty acids? You’ve probably heard how good they are for you. Well, they’re present in salmon and other types of fish, going to great lengths to improve your blood flow. Getting your blood pumping at healthy levels is a crucial component to an overall healthy lifestyle. Consequently, improved blood flow is beneficial for your ears.

Sweet Snacks

By making luscious dark chocolate a part of your diet, you’re doing a lot to help your ears thanks to the loads of zinc present in this treat. Did you know zinc helps with hearing damage? It’s true, and you can get this mineral in a supplement form too. Don’t overindulge or your hips will show it, but a little here and there can actually help your hearing health. Thank you, antioxidants!

Banana Bonanza

Those who can’t get enough of bananas for their great taste will be happy to know they have many healthful properties, particularly in relation to their efforts in curbing hearing damage. This is due to the presence of magnesium that has been proven to stop or reverse the damaging effects of hearing damage thanks to external environmental influences like loud noises. Bananas are awesome alone or on your favorite breakfast cereal, so pick up a bunch today.

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