Hearing Aid Reviews

Hearing aid reviews are the best kept secret to finding the right device to help with your hearing loss. You can count on unbiased consumer testimonials to guide you to a great purchase decision and this article explains why…

Hearing Aid Reviews Are Free Market Research

Currently there are over 107 types of hearing aids on the market, varying by style, size, and where they fit in your ear, not to mention by manufacturer. That makes it tough to determine which hearing aid is right for you. The one you need depends on many factors, including

  • Your level of hearing loss
  • The types of situations you have difficulty hearing in
  • The features you need to help you hear the best you can in those situations

Fortunately, millions of people use hearing aids. That creates a huge market of test results that you can compare and contrast. Hearing aid reviews are one logical place to look to find what people think about different products.

When searching through reviews of hearing aids, remember all hearing devices fundamentally do the same thing. They all have a microphone, an amplifier, and a receiver that takes the amplified sound and puts it into your ear canal so that you can hear.

And even simple, basic hearing aids can profoundly improve your life.

Hearing Aid Reviews are Not Enough

Should you rely on hearing aid reviews alone to make your selection? The answer is no. Research by Consumer Reports shows that two-thirds of hearing aids sold were misfit, with the result that amplified sound was too much or too little, regardless of price.

While hearing aid reviews can be helpful, the key to finding the right hearing aid is choosing a dispenser who can, based on your needs, help you select the right one and fit it properly.

2 Steps to Finding a Great Hearing Aid

We recommend a two-step approach to buying a hearing aid. It lets you take advantage of “common wisdom,” under the guidance of an uncommon professional.

  • Start with hearing aid reviews to get an idea of the various types.
  • Find a dispenser you can trust to help you with your hearing aid selection and fitting.

Read the reviews, get the good news, and then
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