How Cell Phones Are Revolutionizing The Hearing Aid Industry

Cell phone technology is a marriage between innovation on a macro level and the needs of the users. While cell phones have the primary purpose of connecting people through texts, emails, and phone calls, this technology is becoming more adaptable for other purposes. For example, cell phones that have been developed in the new digital and smart era have started to become equipped with devices and tech that allows them to improve and complement the overall function of a hearing aid. Here we will take a look at how changing technology has led to a revolution of the hearing aid industry.

Basic Cell Phones- A Step Ahead

The notion that cell phone technology has not always been around to help people who use hearing aids is mistaken. Even the earliest cell phones tried to augment the formidable powers of a hearing aid when it came to providing call clarity and interference free interactions. They were able to achieve this through the implementation of telecoils. These devices allow a hearing aid to transform sounds in magnetic signal form into sound that can be heard by a human being. Most hearing aids come equipped with these devices, but the telecoils, level 3 and 4, in the early cell phones improved the overall hearing quality for many.

Smartphones- Pushing Technological Limits

Smartphones, on the other hand, made a much more conscious effort to help people who suffer from hearing loss and rely on hearing aids. For example, all smartphones form the very first generation onwards made use of the most powerful telecoils to aid people in their conversations with one another. However, they also began to include applications such as powerful vibrations and LED screens to help notify people when they were being called, texted, or emailed.
These technological advancements were then augmented by a generation of individuals who wanted to help others by making their own apps that were capable of listening to moves and transcribing subtitles for the user. Yet, the most significant hearing aid and smartphone technological marriage started when companies began creating interfaces for specific hearing aid devices on their phones. This allows the hearing aid user to control the level of volume in their hearing aid without ever taking it out and adjusting it. With these new remote controls that can be programmed for a variety of situations, the usability of hearing aids became much more approachable for every person. Also included in these series of applications was the option to put a locator on your hearing aid, allowing you to find it in the event that it became lost. While these are just a few of the ways that the hearing aid industry has been affected by cell phones, the list of benefits continues to grow, and the connection between these technological marvels will not cease any time soon.

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